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In the west, а number of Lehrerleut and Dariusleut colonies were established outside ofAlbertain the 1940s and 1950s in reaction to the harsh rules of the Communal Properties Act of 1944, which prohibited more than two Hutterite colonies or any land owned by more than two colonies within the same county or equivalent political division of the province (Adam 2-5). Moreover, the Communal Properties Act also prohibited existing colonies from expanding its holdings beyond that which was held in 1944, and new colonies could not consist of more than 6,400 acres (CBC News  1-4).

This legislation had been put into effect during World War II in response to pressures from non-Hutterites in the southern part of the province, who were motivated, like theirU.S.counterparts in the previous wartime era, by а combined suspicion of the Hutterites’ continued use of German and their strict pacifism. Also, for an agricultural region that was not fully recovered from the Great Depression of the 1930s,  there was considerable resentment that the communal nature of the Hutterite colonies gave them unfair labor and marketing advantages against their non-communal neighbors (Amish 2-6). The colonies that leftAlbertaelected not to resettle in South Dakota but rather in nearby Montana and Saskatchewan.

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