Sample Essay

The ADWEA is a government owned entity that is responsible for the generation and the distribution of energy resources and water. The Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Authority provides electricity and water to the consumers in the region of Emirates. The organization accesses the electricity from transmission lines which is then transported into the homes of the residents of the emirates. The water management by the company however is done through processing the water through the water desalination plants.

The mission of the company is to drive operational performance as well as financial performance through the revenue and business cope of the company. The organization aims to be the best in the Gulf region in terms of energy resource management and distribution. As a result the organization is committed towards using modern technology and innovative methods for staying competitive as well as operating in an innovative and efficient manner (‘Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Authority’, 2009). The main mission of the Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Authority is to be able to generate and disseminate electricity energy as well as water resource for the region of emirates in a cost effective. However aside form these the company also aims to have reliable operations that are secure as well as void of hazard in order to benefit the organization as well as its customers (‘Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Authority’, 2009).

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