Sample Essay

The ADWEA is the sole provider of electricity and eater resource in the region ofAbu Dhabiwith no other competitors operating in the market,. The company is operated by the government and a 100 percent public entity. The business venture is a proposed association between the ProTerra LED Inc and the ADWEA that would be combining its resources and technology to set up a new venture inAbu Dhabimanufacturing LED technology based lights. The LED technology based lights would be sold in the industrial, governmental, commercial as well as residential sectors to encourage wide spread use of energy efficient lighting.


ProTerrra LED Inc. (ProTerra) has developed energy saving “Green” LED bulbs designed to fit existing fixtures and replace significantly less efficient bulbs currently in use for a wide variety of commercial, industrial, institutional and municipal infrastructure lighting applications. Applications include streets, parking lots, industrial high-bay lighting, stores, offices, highways, and numerous other lighting scenarios.

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