Sample Essay

The case between Deborah Morse and Frederick was basically focused on the constitutional rights of a person in America pertaining to the freedom of speech and the rights of the school/ college which entail them to safeguard the environment in their jurisdiction for promoting a learning environment.

The offense that triggered this case was the public display of offensive dialogue which was in turn promoting the use of drugs. The case was built on the facts that the student displayed such words to the general public as well as other students while on a filed trip conducted by the school. As a result of these events the student Frederick was suspended for ten days.

Frederick tried fighting the decision of the school but after exhausting all options he appealed to the court that his legal rights as stated in the American constitution for the freedom of speech has been challenged. Frederick presented to court that he was not on school property or premises and the kind of display made was not directly offensive or of lewd nature. He appealed top court that his first amendment has been violated and requested an injunction to remove the day suspension from his school records and for other damages to his reputation. He also demanded a relief fund against the alleged misconduct carried out by Morse in his appeal. Frederick also argued that schools has the authority of edit and regulate material when the speech is substantially disrupting the environment of the class and the discipline of the school. By stating this he put forward the facts that his display of the banner was not disrupting the decorum of the school or any class work as he was not on school grounds or at a school managed or sponsored function.

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