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The triangular theory of love was suggested by (Sternberg R. , 1986) and (Sternberg R. J., 1998)Sternberg, 1998. R.J. Sternberg , Cupid’s arrow: the course of love through time. , Cambridge University Press, London (1998).. In this theory has been addressed the nature of love and loves present in different types of relationships. This model by Sternberg is an explanation of the way loves differ from each other and it also includes different other theories as well.

According to this theory love mainly consists of three parts which are intimacy, passion and decision/commitment. Intimacy is the warm feelings toward each other and the connectedness and the bond that exists between lovers. Passion makes up the romantic and sexual drives; it is basically the way the lovers are attracted physically and how they respond to that attraction. Decision and commitment is the maintenance of love by the couple, whether it is short- or long-term. Such a tripartite model was proposed in order to comprehensively explain the different characteristics of love that are present in close relationships.

(Sternberg R. J., 1998) says that these three aspects of love, as mentioned in the above paragraph, can together or alone make up different kinds of loving experiences. Such experiences can be liking (made up of just intimacy), infatuation (comprising only of passion), empty love (when the couple is only committed), romantic love (when intimacy combines with passion), companionate love (intimacy and commitment are present in the relationship), fatuous love (the couple is passionate and committed), and consummate love (when all three elements of love are combined). (Sternberg R. , 1986) presented with a description of the way these three important and fundamental parts of love may change throughout the relationships, whether successful or failed. He has talked about the incompatibilities which may be present in relationships when the couple has disparities regarding their love triangle.

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