Many leaders have found themselves in a context that requires decisions that were not premeditated. Such situations require the leader to make use of the principles of situational theory of leadership. This theory advances that there is no one generally accepted qualities in leadership since many leaders respond to different situation variously (Meyer, 2008 pg. 143). This is what truly constitutes an effective and ineffectual leader.

As elucidated by Kissinger and Rodman, while responding to a situation requires a lot of persuasion in addition to charisma in explaining to the citizenry and other organs on why the decision was inevitable (2010 pg. 23). Appeal to the citizenry is also critical as shown by the former president of USA- Bush, who refused to ratify the Kyoto Protocol citing the interests of the American people and the economy at large. Otherwise, the world largest economy was at threat. Therefore, an effective leader should have the courage to handle situation as they arise with confidence that they will easily convince the followers.

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