Sample Essay

Sainsbury’s may introduce new recipes to cook easy and healthy food because now а days consumers tend to eat fresh food and seem to be more health conscious.

According to the health department the obesity rate in UK is increasing (department of health 2008). And because of that reason the UK government has emphasised on healthy eating ( 2008) which gives Sainsbury’s to an opportunity to manufacture more healthy foods at а cheaper price to match the ongoing trend.


It is predicted that by 2011 the online retail sales in Europe will hit approximately 263 Billion Euro because of the rapid increase of internet shopping in which the shoppers inUKmay accounting for more than а third of all revenue.

Sainsbury’s can take the advantage of utilizing internet as an advertising media as 8% of the global advertising is spent on the internet and the percentage is increasing day by day (The Economist, 2007). It will be very cost effective and help the company to globalise very easily.

Self checkout machines may increase customer loyalty as they don’t have to wait in long queues sometimes for very few products. It saves their time and increase comfort while shopping. It can also be very cost effective as it will require less worker to work and can be in operated 24 hour shops which will boost up the sales figure.

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Device) is а new technology yet to be popular but can play vital role in supply chain management fort the company. It can benefit big companies like Sainsbury’s to save their valuable time as it requires less inventory and offers more efficiency. (Directions magazine 2008)

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