Due to limited and little information availability in regard to the organization’s financial standing in the year 2009, the plan has equally limited information. However, the main aim of the plan is to increase the customer’s satisfaction without necessarily dwelling on such details as income and expenditure analysis, projections of the cash flow among other financially related analyses. This is because of their little relevance to the bigger plan.

The objective of this plan is to explore ways of increasing the satisfaction of the customers by collaborating with the alliance to simplify the complex and sometimes bureaucratic procedures they encounter while booking flights and buying tickets. The plan will also enhance the customer’s ability to buy tickets directly from their favorite airlines. The regular questionnaires that will be filled before, during and after the travel will help to measure the immediate outcome of the strategy. All the market research strategies will be employed to enhance collection of quality data that will reflective of the customers’ response to this creative and innovative idea.

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