With a shortage of the Flu vaccine, the organization leadership should lessen the condition during the next flu season through mitigation programs. The best two of the mitigation programs are Tele-working and liberal work-leave policies. Through the Tele-working programs, employees will be able to perform the organization’s tasks via telephones and computers. This will ensure that the infected employees remain isolated from the healthy employees.

The healthy employees on the other hand, will remain safe because of controlled contact with the infected ones. Through liberal work-leaves, the already infected employees will be granted leaves to avoid infecting the virus to the healthy ones. Similarly, healthy and vulnerable employees would be able to be granted leaves to avoid contracting the virus. In order to ensure that the tasks of the organization are performed as scheduled, the employees granted leave should be assigned tasks, which can be performed from home though Tele-working (Su et al, 2010).

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