Sample Essay

Sheraton’s planning process probably best typifies Assael’s model (1985). wherein strategic planning is done not only at corporate level, like Five star hotels, but also at divisional and SBU level. It is а ten year projection starting bottom-up (Middle East Monitor  pp.5..

                Strategic planning commences at the lowest rung of the hierarchical ladder. i.e. the individual units, which are SBUs within the four geographic divisional SBUs. Finally ending at corporate level. Unit strategic planning is concerned with its PMU mix. а balance in the product or market portfolio (Mattila pp.292-307), trends and future growth expectations within its current parameters or by entering new markets. Units must make projections of expected revenue earnings, resource allocations necessary to create а sustainable advantage, and these become an integral part of the corporate plan. These unit plans are used to create part of the divisional strategic plan. Investment opportunities and the position of the division to finance them, units that should be divested due to image problems or operating standards are all highlighted (Assiri pp.937-52). The corporate strategic plan amalgamates its own situational analysis and proposed strategy with unit financial information and divisional direction to create а blue-print for the oncoming ten year period. As is apparent, Sheraton does not compromise its planning due to bottom-up approach which can tend to provide а myopic view if considered only along the parameters or responding to current markets and products (Matear pp.284-301).

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