Sample Essay

The problems that hinder the efficiency of the flow of activities and the procedures for cargo attainment, loading and unloading mostly pertain to the equipment that is available to the port staff and the constrained time schedules. There are various different types of container ships like bulk carriers, roll on roll off ships, tankers as well as plant and vehicle containers and boxed container ships. As a result all these different ships require different types of equipment to load and unload the cargo on these ships.

Aside from this the inflexible equipment for cargo stowage that is present on the dogs often restricts the movement of the port staff as well as the ships, creating further obstacles and bottlenecks in the flow of the cargo. These need to be checked and optimized to follow a more positive pace. Another issue is that of intermodal transportation and how the cargo planning and stowage process should take into account the freight management for intermodal freight transfers. The methodology that should be adopted should be “flexible, so that it can adapt to changing planning concerns and resources and can be applied to a broad range of issues. Throughout the process, the role of a Freight Advisory Council is shown to reflect the input and perspective of the private sector. The methodology is applicable with limited freight flow data and can lead to standard practices in statewide freight transportation planning.” (Eatough, Brich & Demetsky, 2000)

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