Sample Essay

Thesis Statement

“The Scopes Monkey Trial played а critical role in the teaching of evolution in schools.”


Scopes Monkey Trial called the “world’s most well renowned court trial” at the time, the case of State of Tennessee v. John Thomas Scopes (1925) worried а juvenile biological research educator who educated that man had descended from а smaller alignment of animals other than having been divinely conceived as recounted in the Bible (Smout 1998)


The Scopes trial appeared as а outcome of legislation supported by John Washington Butler, а Primitive Baptist and previous grower and schoolteacher who had wise that evolution was being educated in the public schools of Tennessee. As а constituent of the Tennesseelegislature (Weinberg 1980), Butlerdid well in transient а regulation that made it unlawful to educate evolution in the public schools. The Butler Act, as it came to be called, was furthermore being encouraged by William Jennings Bryan, previous U.S.receptionist of state and а three-time nominee for leader, as an antidote to Darwin’s idea of evolution, а idea that he considered as heresy (Tierney 1979).
The Butler Act was directly disputed by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), which was seeking for а check case (Looney 2004). The assortment of Dayton, Tennessee, as the location for the checking of the anti-evolution regulation appeared as а outcome of opponents to the Butler Act by а little assembly of Dayton men who recruited the help of the localized research educator, John Thomas Scopes. F. E. Robinson, proprietor of the localized pharmaceutical shop and head individual of the school board, got things going when he called the bulletin in Chattanooga to report the apprehend of а educator who had educated evolution (De Camp 1968).

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