Sample Essay

Sampling procedures for a research provide the researcher to derive results from a small representative of the population called a sample. The benefits of sampling allow pertain to reduction of cost, time and effort that is put into conducting research and collecting information form a large and diverse population. The sampling procedure that was utilized for this paper were applied for the selection of the respondents for the primary research pertaining to the questionnaire based survey. A non-probability sampling has been selected for this study as it provides a range of alternative techniques that rely on the author’s subjective judgment (Saunders et al 2003).

The sample that was taken for secondary research and data collection was that comprising of 20 higher education institutions was randomly selected from the HESA website which lists all recognised higher education institutions by their higher education institution (HEI) reference numbers.  Another source for the samples was the UCAS website; however, the author deemed it more valid to obtain details from the HESA website as this was the official reference source for the higher education sector in theUK. Additionally, the sample that was taken for the purpose of the questionnaire based survey in the report was of 50 representatives and respondents dealing with marketing and communication in the higher education sector in the United Kingdom.

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