Sample Essay

A study by (Stringer-Moore, Pepitone-Arreola-Rockwell, & Rozée-Koker, 1984)4 revealed that educational background also has a role to play in domestic violence. They found out that the persons from lower educational groups more often tend to be the abuser, and they fear being abused too. Here there is a requirement of noting the scenario that whatever literature is available regarding the battered females finds that battering occurs throughout the world in every socioeconomic group.

The reason could probably be frustration and anger which makes them lash out. Common and extreme use of alcohol is another, and when men beat up their women they feel that they are physically stronger, which boosts their esteem and makes them feel the authority. However, one thing that was noted was that in spite of battering being so common in all kinds of people, it was still the lower educational group females who experienced the most battering and they were the ones most fearful of being victimized.

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