Sample Essay

The responsibility of the director of a domestic violence organization entails to connecting to the people in the specifically, creating awareness of the issue amongst the people and making the abused realize that they have the right to stand up for themselves and seek shelter when and wherever possible. The organization would be providing assistance and aid to the domestic violence victims in terms of providing them with legislative support to build their case against the abusers while simultaneously providing them shelter, food and training to build their lives as independent people in the society.

The role of the director would encompass creating a brand image and position of the organization in the society in terms of the support and aid it provides, while depicting the organization as a progressive company which helps the victims builds new lives for them. The director in this case would have to forge contacts and relationships with the state and government organizations who deal with law enforcement and regulation in the region. Moreover beneficiaries and benefactors need to be contacted by the director who is responsible for arranging funds and finances for the organization on a strategic level to support the aid and assistance programs for the victims of domestic violence.

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