Sample Essay

The geographic concentration of the global supermarket and hypermarket retail industry concentration is mainly in Europe loosely followed by theAmericasand the Asia Pacific. The market share of the market leaders of the sector recorded as of 2008 is 25.60 percent for Wal-Mart Stores, 9.40 percent for Carrefour, 6.30 percent for Tesco Plc and 4.90 percent for Kroger Co. The rest of the retail supermarkets and hypermarkets come in the others category that takes up 53.7 percent of the market share. (‘Industry Profile: Global Hypermarkets & Super Centres Industry Profile’, 2008)

In his book, Samli (1998) states that for a successful retail marketing strategy a number of components are required that pertain to having an established goal and objectives, a goods and services mix, a communications mix, a pricings mix, a human resource mix, store image management, and incorporation of consumer self perception, consumer satisfaction in the retail marketing strategy. “Successful, well managed retailers, by definition, find properly implemented strategic marketing plans to be a necessity” (Samli, 1998, p2)

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