Sample Essay

The management of the in store image is a vital part of the retail marketing management as it is the main point of interaction between the retail business and the customers. “It represents all the aspects of communication that the store performs that are geared to specific marketplace or market segment. It is also the most significant retail marketing management feedback that provides decision makers with specific strategy alternatives, and it guides management in making the adjustments needed to fulfil specific goals.” (Samli, 1998, p8-9)

The retail marketing strategy pretty much revolves around the developed store image & customers’ perception of a retailer and its brand based on the store image. “A customer who goes to Cartier’s, Neiman Marcus, or Wal-Mart knows what to expect and is making a deliberate choice. This choice, to a substantial extent, is generated by the store image that is being conveyed to this particular consumer and perhaps a consumer to be.” (Samli, 1998, p8)

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