Regions endowed with massive natural resources are prone to conflict arising from confrontations regarding the accessibility and ownership of these resources. Forensics presents factual and anecdotal proof that the belligerent accessibility and competing ownership claims of valuable resources especially in politically or otherwise unstable regions paves way for future instability and ultimately war.

 In his scholarly war discourse dubbed ‘Resource Wars: The New Landscape of Global Conflict’, Michael Klare warns of a predisposition to a global resource war citing the entry of clashing domestic, international and multinational interests in the comprehensive scramble for raw materials – inter alia oil, natural gas and minerals to foster the industrialization process.  To this end, many states have made it their priority to pursue resource security measures with little or no regard whatsoever to the interests of others. This in turn sets the pace for regional polarization and instability especially where “resource competition overlaps with long-standing disputes over territorial rights” (Klare 245).

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