Sample Essay

Marketing is the process through which promotional strategies are employed to advertise and brand products and services to make them appealing to the customers who require the products and services being provided while making them aware of their presence in the market as well. There exist many different types of marketing strategies which are all aimed at increasing the sale of products and services while increasing customer loyalty for the b rand or the business. The main aim of the marketing function as a result is to induce and manipulate purchase behavior in the consumers.

There are many ways in which the purchase behavior of the customer can be influenced by the companies. This can be by launching a relationship marketing strategy, investing in the store environment, investing in sales people as well as offering discounts and sales to the customers in order to attract them and make them loyal to the company. The store environment is one of the most vital factors which can affect the purchase behavior of the consumers. A research conducted by Sherman, Mathur and Smith “confirms that although cognitive factors may largely account for store selection and for most planned purchases within the store, the environment in the store and the emotional state of consumers may be important determinants of purchase behavior.” (Sherman et al, 1998) The consumers can be induced to spend more or make more specific purchases, as well as impulse purchases through the ;layout of the store, the ins tore advertising conducted in the store and the floor based marketing activities launch to encourage customer spending. Therefore in store advertising and marketing is of crucial importance.


The presence of a sales person can also increase the chances of the consumers changing their purchase pattern towards more frequent purchases being made at larger volumes. The demographic characteristics of the sales person as well as the level of knowledge and the familiarity they have on the products and services offered significantly increase the purchase behavior of the customers (Woolside & Davenport, 1974). Similarly the marketers also make use of sales and periodical discounts offered to the different segments of the customer in order to encourage consumer spending on the products and services. “Manufacturers, for example, often offer products at a reduced price for a limited period. One reason for this practice is that it induces households to try the promoted product with the hope of retaining them as permanent customers.” (Allenby & Lenk, 1994)

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