Sample Essay


Will encourage consumers to buy а product or change attitudes and behaviours in some way. The most frequent modes of encouraging consumers to buy products include:

  1. Advertising – this is the form of communication commonly selected when an organisation wishes to transmit а message to а large audience. It includes advertising on television, radio, magazines, and internet. The quote below is an example of а successful advertising campaign recently undertaken by Sainsbury’s “А case study (presented as part of the Advertising Effectiveness Awards) argued that Jamie Oliver (the TV chef) has helped the group to generate £1.12bn extra in sales. So has the ‘Naked Chef’ been а naked success for Sainsbury’s? Well according to а review of the advertising campaigns carried out by the supermarket group, the answer is definitely ‘yes’. It argues that the £41m spent on the advertising campaign has helped to generate £5 of profit for every pound spent on the campaign. The supermarket group has increased turnover by £2bn over the last two years and the report is attributing over half of this to the advertising campaign. However, critics point to the fact that Sainsbury’s have also been spending billions of pounds on upgrading stores and improvements in their distribution and supply chain. They have also opened 4% more selling space over the same time period.”
  2. Sales promotions – organisations typically use these to encourage consumers who are considering а product to take the next step and buy it. Examples of these promotions in Sainsbury’s are the Nectar Reward cards which allow customers to collect points for money spent in the stores, which will provide them with an opportunity to win prises. Sainsbury’s joint venture with Boots over the last few years is another marketing technique used to try to boost sales.
  3. Personal selling – this is when customers require first-hand information before making а product. Sainsbury’s provides this service at it’s customer services desk and in addition all staff are required to aid customers as much as possible with whatever they require.
  4. Public relations – this is more to do with building good working relationships with the media and using them to promote а positive image of the organisation.

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