Sample Essay

The promotion and marketing of LPG products is mostly conducted through the BTL media and the print media available to Shell Gas LPG (Pakistan). As most of the customers of the company pertaining to the LPG product are residing in the rural areas or in the industrial region, the company sets up stalls in tradeshows and fairs in these areas to make the people aware of its existence in the market and to market its LPG product to them. These comprise of the BTL activities that are taken up by Shell Gas LPG (Pakistan). However aside from this the company also advertising in the regional print media specific to industries and tries tom market special packages for its product. However as the demand for the product is very high compared to the supply the company does not require extensive marketing for its products.

Initially the piece that was charged for the LPG products was very low making it a very competitive and cost effective fuel, however over the last couple of years due to high levels of inflation, the rising oil prices and the rising costs of food items, it has been seen that the price of LPG has also considerably crept up the scale. However despite the increase in the price of the LPG product, people are still demanding it as they favor it compared to the largely expensive petroleum fuel.

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