Sample Essay

Discuss the problems that a ship manager faces with various legislations on ‘bunker fuels’ for a handymax bulk carrier that trades between North Europe and the USA.

Bunker fuel is basically any fuel which is consumer and used on ships. This fuel can take the form of gasoline, petrol or even other fuel oils based on the petrochemical structure which can be used to run the ships. Initially the ships used to make use of steam engine power, however now due to the requirements of the industry for increased speed and low maintenance of the ship, petrochemicals fuels like bunker fuels are used to run a ship. The cargo carriers are the major market for the bunker fuel. The bunker fuel itself gets its name form the storage facilities that are used to store theme at the port as well as on the ships which are in the shape of bunkers.

Handymax carriers are shipping vessels which carry bulk items or multiple items in the form of bulk. The storage capacity of the handymax is usually 350000 to 60000 DWT. The dimensions of the ship are such that it is up to 200 meters in length. The more recent handymax designs however now employ five cargo holding spaces as well as four cranes which can lift up to 30 metric tones. Specific countries have specific laws regarding the size of the handymax vessels which they can trade with. This constraint is usually put because of the immense size of the ships, and the comparative compatible size of the container terminal s and ports on the ship. In the recent years the demand for the handymax, capsize as well as panamax ships has increased due to their speed, logistics as well as their weight/ freight storage and transportation limit.

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