Sample Essay

The primary research for the study includes a survey based questionnaire and the in-depth interviews The survey based questionnaires were aimed at collecting information from the UTC marketing staff about the local retail market and the in-depth interviews were focused on the marketing management at UTC Plc for gathering information about their marketing strategies and practices. The UTC management was contacted via email and telephone for availability to answer the questions for the research. They provided information about their company, its operations and the current and historical marketing strategies employed by the company and their results. The survey based questionnaires, that were part of the research, were emailed to the management at UTC inNigeriawhere they responded in kind with their answers to the survey based questionnaire.

The sampling technique for the primary research was based on a non probability based convenience sample. The convince sampling method used pertained to requesting the marketing managers and the company brand managers for the UTC Plc to participate in the questionnaire based survey and the in-depth interviews over the internet. The marketing head and the brand managers were specially requested in an email to participate in an in-depth interview. This was done to encourage them to discuss their current marketing techniques and the strategies that they have used to build their brands and shed light on the market positioning tactics they have employed in the past.  The convenience sample was taken as it allowed the researcher to gather information from the respective managers in the UTC Plc company without putting a restrain on the target sample for primary research.

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