Sample Essay

Primary research was conducted through the use of questionnaire based surveys and in-depth interviews. The target market for the survey included the people employed in the marketing field by the UTC Plc. The marketing staffs were the respondents for the questionnaire based survey. The respondents for the in-depth interviews however were the marketing managers at the UTC Plc and the senior managers who have been involved in the development of the company’s marketing strategies for UTC plc. A letter of intent and informed briefing was provided to the respondents before the interview and the survey via email. This letter of intent was the basis for getting consent from the respondents for their participation in the research study.

The aim of using the in-depth interviews as a qualitative source of gathering information was to collect information about the UTC Plc company and its marketing operations. There was very limited information available on the internet and in industrial reports about the operations of UTC PlcNigeria, particularly its marketing strategy. As a result the marketing manager and the brand managers of the products were interviewed. The interviews conducted were on the marketing strategy of the company and the branding and positioning efforts that have been initiated by it.

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