Essay: Preposition “For”

56 the phrase “that helps” modifies the old book. The preposition “for” must be followed by the its object, in this sentence the object will be previous report. Therefore in order to modify the sentence to have the phrase modify one or both objects, we can use commas and infinitive verbs. “There was an old book for the previous project, which helps students do homework.” “There was an old book, for the previous project, that helps students do homework.” Example: there is an example for that topic in the book that assists students do sums.


This sentence implies that the gerund is modified by the old book. It can also be rearranged to imply the same like “there was an old book helping students do homework, for the previous report.” Example: in the book there is an example that assists students to do sums.


In the sentence the book is modified by the passive form, it implies that the old book was typed by the teacher. However, we can have both being modified by the passive form, “there was an old book, for the previous report, typed by the teacher.” “There was an old book, typed by the teacher, for the previous report.” When using the word written, we can have “there was an old book, for the previous report, written by the teacher.” Implying the teacher wrote the report. Or “there was an old book, written by the teacher for the previous report.” Example; there is a book with an example done by the teacher that assists students do sums.

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