Sample Essay

The test instruments that would be used in the proposed study pertain to survey based forms that would be filled in according to the observations made on the response of the students in the exercises highlighted above. Aside from this the results of the tests and exercises conducted by the teacher would also be incorporated in the research as gathered data. The instruments depicted would be valid for the research as they effectively serve the purpose and satisfy the requirements of the data that needs to be collected in order to proceed with the study. The reliability of the data collected would be ensured by hiring an impartial and unrelated party who does not have any stake in the research to conduct the observations on the exercises to remove the researcher bias.

The data that would be gathered through the data collection methods would be filtered and formatted to form statistical data. This data would then be analyzed through the use of descriptive statistics. Correlation analysis and regression based analyses would be employee din order to determine the correlation between the performance level of the students and the factor of attendance of preschools. The statistical tests t-tests would be employed to test the hypothesis identified in the earlier sections of the research proposal.

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