Sample Essay

The proposed research is featured to be an exploratory research that is going to employ collection of data from primary and elementary schools in order to satisfy the hypothesis identified above. The exploratory research analyzes and explores a concept and this research seeks to identify the role that is played by preschool in increasing the success rate of the students in the first grade. The correlation between the successful performance of the students at school and the attendance of the preschool would be the focal element of the research.

The subjects of the proposed research are the students who attended preschool and then enrolled in the first grade as well as the students who did not attend the preschool programs and went on to enroll in the first grade. The number of students in the first grade who have attended preschool would be 25 while the same number of students who have not attended preschool and enrolled in the first grade would be the subjects of the research. The age of the subjects would be 6-7 years and would be the students of the first grade. An informed consent form would be disseminated amongst the parents and the teachers of the students prior to the start of the research to seek consent for the research from them.

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