Sample Essay

Henry Fayol is one of the most influential philosophers of his time. His contribution to the business structuring planning philosophies hold high regard, especially the 14 points provided by him. These 14 points pertain to strategic planning in an organization and how efficiency in operation as well as effecting, management can be performed by adhering to these fourteen points.

These points relate to the specialization of labor to divide the business process into more specific tasks for the labor, the establishment of authority to provide a direction to the management as well as the employees of the businesses, implementing discipline in the organization through strict guidelines, policies and authority, establishment of a unity of command to centralize the decision making in the company, unity of direction and subordination. Other points include centralization of business; line of authority, remuneration policy based on wage leaders and followers, equity, establishment of the tenure for the personnel of the business, espirit de corps, and order in the organization and it employees. The functions of the management provided by Henry Fayol pertain to planning, directing, decision making, organizing, coordination and disseminating information and command.

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