Sample Essay

When concerned with international relations between states and nations realism makes four main assumptions. These assumptions consider a state as being one of the most important participating elements in international relations which operates in a rational manner on a unitary basis. The assumptions also depict that the need for conflicting international relations arises due to anarchy and that main agenda that is targeted by international relations pertain to the issue of security, and high politics. (‘Realism’)

On the other hand some are also of the opinion that “critics of neorealist theory fail to understand that a theory is not a statement about everything that is important in international-political life, but rather a necessarily slender explanatory construct.”  (Waltz, 2005) Waltz a neorealist argues against the concepts brought up by the liberalists. He states that power and security should not be the only rational decision making factor and instead the aspects of national interdependence, and democracy should also be considered by stating that these factors are not significant enough that countries like America should over rule their national security and national interest when it comes to making strategies for international relations.

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