Sample Essay

The outsourcing of the records management activity to another company is also an available option. The requirements for such an activity would require an integration portal between the business and the third party which can be more expensive than the record management activity it self. Moreover detailed outlines will have to be made and discussed with the third party. The precious experience with record management companies is also not in favor of this option. However the benefit of employing this option would be that the company will not have to worry about the record management activity and would be able to focus its attention on its long term and strategic goals as well as its operations. The features provided by the record management companies pertain to mitigating the compliance of risks by managing the digital capture, archiving and destruction of critical records. Aside from this the information accessing feature is provided by these companies which pertain to integration of the records and a portal through which the electronic records can be accessed through the archives. The overall costs of labor and paper management are also reduced, and the time spent recovering data destroyed due to disasters is also reduced by keeping copies of data. Such companies tend to employ best practices and have experience in the field of record management. Moreover the company is able to provide a customized service for the company according to its specific requirements.

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