Sample Essay

Other more subjective criteria for the selection of the records management option pertain to the cost of the option as a whole, which has to be compared against the benefits which are going to be reaped from the record management option. The performance of the option is also of crucial importance as it will determine the efficiency of the deterrent alternatives. Another thing that has to be kept as measuring criteria for the records management programs being analyzed pertains to the sustainability of the alternatives in the long run. The sustainability criteria will enable us to observe the long term effects of the alternatives and how their performance, costs, benefits and efficiency is affected with the changes in the environment over the period time. 

The criterion is summarized and listed below as

  • Cost
  • Timeliness of record pick up
  • Confidentiality
  • Security
  • Performance
  • Sustainability



The identified criteria is reasonable as it allows us to comprehensively analyze the different alternatives available to us and form an evaluation which is able to depict the best suitable option that can be adopted by the company.

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