Sample Essay

The Tesco Plc Company mainly operates by providing customers with food as well as non food items. The food items which form a significant percentage of the product offering are perishable and contribute large to the high levels of waste being produced by the company. In order to contain the issue of waste management, the company has been actively creating policies for recycling and waste management.

The company has a recycling program for waste management which includes its own dedicated recycling units. “Tesco, which has a 30% share of the UK grocery market, believes its action could deliver 10% of the required increase in packaging recovery needed to meet European targets set by the Packaging Directive for 2008.” (‘Tesco makes recycling pledge as profits hit record levels’, 2006)

The company has a formed a separate unit to manage waste management and recycling operations for the company. A portion of the budget is dedicated to the waste management unit which is determined by the strategic management of Tesco Plc. The budget is allocated for repairs and maintenance of the equipment as well as investing in new projects for waste management and recycling.

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