Sample Essay

Tesco is a global retail chain of departmental stores, super markets and hypermarkets. The company is involved in trading and selling of grocery and general merchandise. The company is based inUKand is currently the largest retailer in theUnited Kingdom. However in terms of global revenues, the company ranks behind the retail Giant Wal-Mart and Carrefour. The product and service categories offered in the Tesco stores include clothing, grocery, food and drink items, technology, electrical appliances, entertainment products and services as well as insurance and financial plans.

The corporate strategy of the Tesco Company has been to appeal to all segments of the market in order to have a broad range of target market and high volume of market share. Tesco launched its operations inChinain 2004 and in 2009 the company has 56 operational stores that are managed by a staff of around 17,500 employees.


The Tesco website provided information on the operations of Tesco inChina. It mentioned that “Tesco started trading inChinain 2004. We now have more than 50 hypermarkets, mostly aroundShanghai. Our first stores inBeijingand Shenzhen/Guangzhou are also proving popular with local people” (‘About Us:China’, 2009).

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