Before you begin writing synthesis essays, you must first understand the many sorts of syntheses. The explanatory and argument syntheses are among them.

Argumentative Synthesis

This synthesis essays convey the writer’s point of view, backed up with pertinent data from the sources. The argument and facts must be presented in a logical manner.

Make sure you can stimulate debate in your thesis statement. To put it another way, reasonable individuals can disagree with your assertions on the subject at hand. Any two authors working on the project can have differing viewpoints on the subject.

Explanatory synthesis

There are several samples of explanatory synthesis essays on your website. They improve the audience’s knowledge of the issue you’re discussing.

When writing these synthesis essays, the topic must be broken down into sections and then presented to the audience in a logical way. Words, items, locations, events, or a sequence of events and conditions of affairs can all be recreated via explanations.

Explanatory synthesis essays do not take an arguing viewpoint, but rather offer data in a neutral manner. To put it another way, they don’t go beyond what is clear from the sources.