Sample Essay

Healthy People has positively affected a great number of people. It has helped them identify as well as treat the health issues they had been facing. The strength of the group is in being able to put forward solutions to problems in such a way that a diverse population can benefit. It has partners from different sectors which also help them in the provision of the service. However, this organization also does not charge and depends on the donations and funding it receives which may sometimes be less than the budget.

National Institute on Drug Abuse has been playing a very important part in the lives of people by decreasing drug use among the teenagers, the actual statistic being a decrease of 23%. Such has been the case since the mid-1990s. It is surely a very strong organization if we consider the impact it has had able to achieve. The problem of funding can be applicable here as well.


It can be truly said that the mental health resources of any community have indeed a very important role to play in the lives of the people. These are important for the improvement of the society and in spite of what the critics say, the resources surely do bring a positive change in the lives of people, and therefore should be supported.

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