Sample Essay

Direct Contributing Factor

Indirect Contributing Factor

Secretive nature of use The community might be unaware of the presence of substance abusers in the community
No open education or seminars are conducted on the topic so the community thinks the problem to be external to the community
Discussion of substance abuse is discouraged
Denial The community refuses to acknowledge substance abuse as a problem in their community
The communityonly focuses on the positive aspects about them
The community is heavily protected from the issue in terms of awareness by the authorities and the government
Not a priority The community does not see substance abuse as a threat
The community may see other issues as being more important than substance abuse.
The severity of substance abuse may be unacknowledged
Low Threat of Penalty Penalty fines are minimal and non restrictive
Authorities do not emphasize on substance abuse
People in the community easily get away from being caught or penalized for substance abuse
Parents use The parents are active substance abusers who use in front of children
The parents do not openly condone substance abuse or use of drugs to children
Adolescents see their parents using drugs and use the same method to alleviate their problems and issues.
Social event promotion Antidepressant manufacturing firms may encourage use of anti depressants through seminars and workshops
Casual use of drugs is not frowned upon by the public
Smoking is encouraged in the public


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