Sample Essay

The main internal strengths of the company pertain to the established brand value of the Rolex watches, the demand they have in the market, the prestige and premium luxury status of the Rolex watches, an established research and development department and the highly trained and skilled workforce behind the manufacture of the watches.

The brand value of a Rolex is exceptionally high in the luxury watch market both in Switzerland and the International markets. The brand value is driven high because of the nature of the timepieces which are made to perfection with hand making them unique and worth investing in for the consumers. The demand of the Rolex watches as a result is very high as they are both collector’s items as well as investment pieces that depict both the prestige and the social status of the owner. The Rolex Company also has a well established research and development department which has been prominent in making innovations for the company specific to its Rolex watches. The anti dust, water proof, shock proof, and date dial models were all the product of the well established research and development department at Rolex.

The weaknesses of the Rolex SA Company on the other hand have also been rising significantly in the last decade. The main weaknesses of the company pertain to the low level so sales which is squeezing the profitability range of the company from the low volume of sales is being made.

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