Sample Essay

While essentially the job of the reporter is to report the truth and the facts as they exits, in reality it is not how journalism actually goes down. While freedom of press does exist, the journalists are not allowed to report what they want. Journalism in the real work is managed by the companies and the media giants that employ journalists for their news channels. They manage what is to be reported, how it is to be reported, what elements are to be kept hidden from the public and the how the news is to be reported to their audience. As a result journalism takes the form of storytelling where almost everything is orchestrated and predetermined.

The Gatekeeping model in communications enables the media generators and disseminators to filter out information that is not suitable for public viewing or their opinion should not be revealed to the public. The shortcomings of this model pertain to the fact that it omits half parts of the truth associated with the content and is hypocritical to the concept of free journalism. Moreover it also can empower the gate keepers to abuse the power they have on the media.

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