Sample Essay

The marketers are always trying to persuade customers to buy what they have produced during the communication. This is because the traditional market always sells the products they have produced. However, e-marketing is different, the concept of e-marketing is customer-oriented which needs marketers have to find out what is the customers’ needs and differentiate between products and customers and change the marketing strategy to meet customers’ needs. For example, Nike is a company which is produces sports goods. To meet customers’ needs, Nike created unique shoes for customers. Customers can design the shoes on Nike’s website by themselves and Nike will produce the unique shoes for the customer (Zhou, 2008).

Communication Time is Different:

The communication in the traditional market has the time and area limited. Customers can not buy things after the shop closed and customers may not be able to go abroad and buy products from other countries. However, e-marketing does not have these limited. Customers can shop online at anytime and anywhere, and this communication is ongoing in the real-time. For example,UKcustomers can buy products from a US website without go to USA at anytime(Zhou, 2008).

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