In order to ensure that the student is able to learn an educator should ask him/her this question. “How shall the young become acquainted with the past in such a way that the acquaintance is a potent agent in appreciation of the living present?” (Dewey, 1930, p. 23). This ensures that the educator does not pass knowledge to the student through books only, but should help the student in connecting the past to the present.

This will go a long way in ensuring that the student has a reason to learn the past. Otherwise, the student will not have an interest in the past if s/he feels that it will not help him/her in the future. Providing materials of history to the student may not help the student if the student does not see the importance of learning that history. Educator should always try to ensure that the student has a reason of learning all the things that are taught to him or her. This is achievable if the educator shows the students, practical examples of how the knowledge gained can be applied (Warde, 1960).

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