Sample Essay

We find examples of such romances today as well. For instance, there is the Knight of the Lion and Knight of the Cart. The first romance is about a knight, Sir Ewayne, who helps out a lion in its fight against a snake, after which the beast accompanies him thus giving him such a title. Also, the knight broke his wife’s promise who thus became upset with him (Moncrieff 182), but through his gentle cajoling and service he is able to get her back. Such an example very clearly gives the characteristics of the chivalric romantic. The knight showed his physical ability while helping the snake and his love and chivalry with his wife.

Talking about the Knight of the Cart, this romance is also basically based on the same characteristics of a knight. The Queen is in trouble and two of her knights, Gawain and Lancelot, rush to save her. Gawain is the chivalric kind who is going to save the Queen just because of chivalry, while Lancelot actually loves the Queen and can see no harm being done to her.

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