Sample Essay

Remaining Apart

Hutterite conflicts with civil authorities from the 20th century onward have flared up over land use, taxes, education, military service, and social security (Hutterites 1-4). The discord is often fueled by the rapid growth of Hutterite colonies. When new colonies form, they frequently disturb surrounding rural communities. Several colonies, each with several thousand acres of land, can have а dramatic impact on land prices, school systems, and local consumer markets.  Thus, Hutterites sometimes face protests from citizen groups and business organizations when they prepare to plant new colonies.

            The Hutterite strategy for separation is rather simple establish colonies in isolated rural areas beyond the reach of urban vices. By controlling the use of vehicles and monitoring who enters and leaves the colony, Hutterites are able to regulate interaction with outsiders. Members traveling outside а colony are often accompanied by another member, providing а mobile system of social control. Non-Hutterites often visit colonies to conduct business, and some Hutterite leaders participate in agricultural organizations.

Separation from the world is also maintained with taboos on television and other forms of mass media. Despite the traditional taboos, some progressive colonies have televisions in their schools to watch educational videos and broadcasts. Colonists often read farm magazines or newspapers, but the average member does not read national news magazines, at least not on а regular basis (Ingoldsby 1). Entertainment outside the colony is forbidden.

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