Sample Essay

The social aspect of the report covers the epistemological issues. The report states that the native people of Yukon have been important for foreign trade due to their vast knowledge of the geography and zoology of their homeland. They were often employed by foreign industries to harvest natural resources. They were especially sought out when matters came to the fur industry. The building of a pipeline through the region would lead to the destruction of the natural resources to make way for the pipeline. Thus the region will also be tremendously changed zoologically. This would take away the one main foreign industry that was present.

The natives of the Yukon will not be essential to the oil and gas industry and they know it. The outside world may need the oil and gas of the area but they need no help from the locals to obtain it. The contributing companies know exactly how they will build a pipeline and how they will use it. The labor can be carried out by professionals from outside and the operation can be done by engineers who have dedicated their lives for just this sort of work. Thus the in experienced natives will be left with no benefit and with no say in this project. The attitude of the white people towards these natives is also a thinly veiled determinism. They want industrial progress and further more want the natives to present no protest, rather prepare for the upcoming challenge by changing their very mode of life. There should no longer be any native villages but rather white towns. And the Locals of the north must become like the whites if they want to survive. This sort of attitude obviously produces a extremely sexist feelings from both the north and south of Yukon.

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