Sample Essay

The report presented by Berger depicted that the region chosen for the construction of the pipeline was home to a considerable number of the population in the region and was also developing into an area of importance for the markets in the south of Yukon. Research also showed that pipeline projects which had taken place previously were usually worked on without any consideration for the natives of the region. This posed as a threat to the population living in the region that was doomed to be devastated according to Berger’s surmise.

He clearly stated that if any such project was to go through then it would have to conform to the conditions presented by the natives of the region. Berger’s report specially highlighted the issues that were to be faced by the aboriginal population I the region and how already there were considerable cases presented in the court pertaining to their rights on their land and property. Development efforts taken in the region were already not in the favor of the aboriginals and this pipeline project was going to add to the problems being faced by them. The claims for such cases were some of the issues that were presented by Berger in his report that needed to be discussed regardless p0f the pipeline project being constructed or not.

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