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Among the different impacts resulting from limited resources is that a lot of pressure is exerted upon the females from minority groups for conformation to the ideas of freedom in. More tormenting is the fact that in cases when such females are not provided support and they go back to isolation, certain women are tempted to return to their violent relationships. Kelly and Humphreys (2000)[i] also document the increased susceptibility of the females going back to violent partners, and these authors emphasize upon the importance of such women being cared for and the resettlement work.

Rhatigan and Axsom (2006)[ii] found that the more frequently women go through psychological abuse and the more internalized such abuse is, there is even greater effect upon their decision whether to stay back or leave the relationship (Arias & Pape, 1999)[iii]. Certain results indicate that the females who report having undergone high degrees of psychological abuse seemed to endorse a decreased relationship satisfaction plus commitment. The definition of commitment that the Investment Model suggests is related to the person’s psychological/behavioural attachment and long-term orientation in regard with the relationship the person is in. commitment is actually a result of satisfaction felt by the person, which is really just the positives minus the negatives within their relationship. Development of commitment is also through the females’ viewpoint of the alternatives that she may be able to access, which are again just the perceived positives minus the negatives contained within any alternative that may exist to the relationship she is in at the moment. A women’s commitment is also increased through investment which is actually the size and importance attached to psychological and material resources that are attached with the relationship, and in case the couple breaks up those resources would be lost. Therefore, the domestically violated women who have attained their desired level of satisfaction, have possessed lower quality alternatives, and their investment has been more are the ones who have a stronger commitment toward her partner as compared to the other women who do not have all these points. Therefore, such women are more committed and tend to decide to stay with their partners even if they are abusive.

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