Sample Essay

Let us now consider this issue in the case of Subway. Subway is a very fast growing restaurant and the reason behind this could be the wonderful taste that it has persistently delivered to its customers. It has become so famous that its franchises are now present in 92 countries. Subway provides fast and fresh food to people as it realizes that such is the need of today. Many people are such that they do not have time for meals and this is where Subway comes into play.

Besides the quick meals, the restaurant provides absolutely fresh food. In fact their slogan is “Everyday Fresh”. This is also an attractive feature for the customers as today’s population is growing more and more concerned and health conscious. Preparing sandwiches right on spot and in front of the customers ensures the latter’s confidence in the company. Also, with time the restaurant started dealing in other items as well such as cookies, which is very well considering that a person might wish for a dessert too after a meal.

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