Are there limits to using buses for desegregation? Yes:

a)      Buses are used in a greater sense to transport student to and from school, hence it is an important tool of desegregation.

b)      However, this should be limited on the time and distance is so great to affect the health of the students or disrupt the education system

c)       The limiting will depend on many factors but more so the age of the children.

Can an ethnic group be exempted from desegregation? NO:

a)      Considering theSan Franciscocase, the Chinese wanted a pardon as they saw desegregation as a means of killing their culture and language. The fact that there was never a dual school system and that there were never rules of segregation.

b)      The courts declined this; the actions would lead to official segregation which is unconstitutional.

c)       They instead offered bilingual classes and sources to teach cultural backgrounds.

Is unintentional segregation against the law? No:

a)      As the laws created caused de defacto and de jure segregation.

b)      De jure cases are those segregation cases that occur with the help of the municipal, state and school officials. These caused segregation and were therefore unlawful, but they occurred under their actions that were directed by the laws.

Can schools strive to achieve student diversity? Yes:

a)      This depends on the means used to achieve this.

b)      An example was aBostonschool that sought to assign student to attendance zones based on criteria, race, and ethnicity. When they were taken to court the court sought a rational base where they ruled that the school had the power to foster through experience, equity and diversity segregation goals.

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