Group cohesiveness is the force that holds members in a group together. This can be personal/ emotional or task oriented (Beal, et al., 2003).  Group cohesiveness is important because after holding the members together, it makes them encouraged to work together to achieve the group goals. This way, the group members are able to understand each other better and thus free to work together.

It should be noted that the forces that hold a group together could be positive or negative. Positive forces refers to the rewards and other benefits a person gains from staying in the group while negative forces are those benefits a group member will loose if he leaves the group. It follows that since a group member benefits or fears to loose after leaving the group, he will have to stay in the group. This implies that cohesive forces hold a group together and enables it to work closely to each other. Cohesiveness in a group can be increased through increasing the benefits one gains by staying in the group. The feeling that one will loose a lot by leaving the group will increase cohesiveness since no one will be willing to leave.

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