Sample Essay

Compensation, laws have been established in the United States in order to aid those workers who get injured at work as a result of the negligence of their employers or other fellow workers (Tollison & Satterthwaite , 2001, p671). Extensive research has been undertaken regarding pain management and the worker compensation injuries.

One of such research is conducted by Mayer et al. (1995), where it was indicated that pain management for workers with injuries is a major issue and that a clinical approach needs to be taken in order to evaluate the best possible rehabilitation and recovery of the injured workers that effectively helps them manage the pain as well. When concerned with back injuries in particular, back pain becomes predominant which can lead to prolonged disability as well. A research by Webster and Snook (2001) provided that when it comes to compensation for workers suffering from back injuries, the compensation should not only include the expenditure of the treatment of the injury. Instead it should also accommodate pain management treatment as well as programs that can help prevent prolonged disability from the injury.

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