Sample Essay

Employee Assistance Programs are specific programs and strategies employed the company which is focused towards aiding the employees and helping them with any personal problems that are affecting their work and their performance at the work place. The programs are based on observation. Supervision as well as consultancy services through which a consultant spends time with the employee to observe the source of the problems ailing the employee and recommend the relevant treatment for it.

EAP programs are widely becoming popular in the developed regions of the world like the US, Canada and Europe. The reason for this is that due to the lifestyles of the people, and the competitive environment on the work place the employees are more prone to be suffering from psychological strain, distress, depression and even alcoholism and substance abuse. In such situations, the companies have taken a proactive step to take care of their employees and provide them with the facility to such employees as well as those who suffer from disabilities. The EAP is one of the main focus of the Human Resource Management functions at all the major and significant companies in the region. “Increasingly EAPs are also becoming part of the vocabulary and the discourse of hard-headed managers and informed directors in organizations of all types, particularly those whose distaste for the excesses of meanness and leanness leads them to monitor carefully the effects of the demands for performance on the part of employees at all levels.” (Berridge & Cooper, 1994)


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